7 Day Challenge, Start Today!


So photography friend of mine challenged me to do a 7 day challenge. Now the 7 day challenge was to take a picture for 7 days of nature. Now this can be anything out doors from your friendly outdoor animals friends to just a nice landscape or a macro shot of something that you see that looks unique to you. There are no real rules to this 7 day photography challenge, just to take a image of nature. If you miss a day, just get caught up the following day and keep going.

Here is my first image of the 7 day nature photography challenge. This is a image of my friends in the backyard. We have a little stream in our backyard where our friendly ducks hang out in the morning pretty often. I really enjoyed capturing this image because the one duck was really having fun quacking at all the other ducks. Well maybe even me, even though I was a good distance away. 
This image was captured with my Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 70-200mm 2.8, Canon EF 2x Extender at ISO 2500, 350mm, F/5.6 at 1/250 of a second. 

If you would like to start the challenge today, this is what you can do to get others involved. Head over to facebook if you have an account and post your first image of the challenge. For the text of your post go ahead and put “I was nominated by David Frye to post a nature photo each day for 7 days, nominating another photographer on each of those days. Today I nominate “ENTER A PHOTOGRAPHER YOU WOULD LIKE TO CHALLENGE HERE”. Day 1 ~ “NAME YOUR IMAGE HERE” And then I usually add my settings so everyone can learn {ISO 3200, 23mm F/2.0, 1/125 Sec} 

I hope this was helpful… Enjoy and keep on shooting…


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