Do I Need To Hire A Quality Instagram Photographer From A Professional Instagram Photographer

With a platform that focuses on imagery.  The ability for you to create images that will catch someone's eye is becoming very important when It comes to your brand.  Many brands are not taking the advantage of this type of marketing and by the time they do, it will be too late.  Some brands like restaurants, boutiques, coffee shops and others know that they need to hire someone with an artistic eye and know that they need a presence on social media sites like Instagram.

These days, everyone has a phone that takes pretty good pictures if you are on a family vacation or just out with your family.  It is pretty nice to have a camera with you at all times to capture that memory.  When it comes to your business that is a different story.  Even though many business owners think they can just do it themselves even though they are not photographers and really should be concentrating on what really matters in their business.  If they are not going to do the job that is bringing new customers to their door, they really should not even think about starting an account on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media sites.

I added two Instagram grids to give you an idea of what I see out there on Instagram feeds.  Which gallery would you choose to follow and want to know more about?  The one on the left or the one on the right?  Yes, everyone is going to say the left grid.  The one the left is the one with the most followers and the one getting the most customers to come in the door.  The one on the right is just wasting their time.  Now I am not saying that just because your images look amazing on Instagram that you are going to keep those customers coming in if you don't have a good product or service.  But what I am saying is you will get new potential customers coming in the door.  The rest is up to your great service...


Here are 3 tips to get your Instagram presence working for you.

1.  Hire a professional photographer to take amazing images of your brand.  If you are a restaurant this would be images of food dishes.  Now when I am saying food dishes, I don't mean for you to have a photographer photograph customers food before you send it out.  I mean give the photographer dishes that you want him or her to photograph.  Now your photographer might need to move things around on the dish or even need to do things like spay parts of the food with water to make it look even more appealing.  Yes, it will cost you money and time but its a write off!  

2.  Have your photographer come in once or twice a month. That way they can capture all the images they need for that given month.  You will want them to post to your Instagram account once a day.  If you don't post at least once a day your followers will not stick around.

3.  This is an additional service but ask your photographer what they would charge for a sponsored post on their Instagram feed.  This is usually a per image fee and if your photographer has 1,000 + subscribers it gets more eyes on your brand that are searching for a business like yours.  The more followers that they have the higher the price may be.  It may also be an additional fee to keep the post on their feed forever but that is marketing that continues to work throughout the years.